Jon is currently a Senior Lecturer in Microbial Biotechnology at Newcastle University

Jon previously taught on the following courses at Edinburgh University:


Molecules Genes and Cells – 1st year course (tutorials)

The Dynamic Cell – 2nd year course (Course Organiser 2014/2015)

We offer laboratory projects to 4th year students on Biochemistry and Biotechnology honours courses.


Taught Courses:

MSc in Systems and Synthetic BiologyTools for Synthetic BiologyApplications of Synthetic Biology, Biochemistry A, Practical Skills in biochemistry A, Protein Structure Determination

We also offer lab projects for the following courses:

MSc in Systems and Synthetic BiologyMSc in BiotechnologyMSc in Drug Discovery and Translational BiologyMSc in Bioinformatics

Informal enquiries about projects are welcome at any point in the year.